Positioning system based on modular inserts


Rigid lowered non-deformable base (-5cm)


Padding in memory and breathable, non-slip and bi-elastic lining


Positioning system based on modular inserts that allow you to adapt the geometry of the seat to the specific postural needs of each individual patient. Dynamic is characterized by a rigid base in thermo-formed ABS which avoids deformation of the cushion over time, thus ensuring comfort and stability. The presence of the lowered top leaves the height from the ground of the seat surface unchanged and allows the ischial tuberosities that protrude below the femurs to be accommodated, so as to distribute the pressure over a larger surface. The Dynamic seating system accommodates and holds the pelvis, ensuring the best balance between pressure distribution and postural control. This product is particularly suitable for people who need high skin protection and support for correct body positioning. This last aspect is guaranteed by a design that ensures a good distribution of the pressure of the body weight and by a system of padding and breathable coverings. The cushion locked to the seat, in combination with the seat belt, facilitates the maintenance of a correct and constant posture. Dynamic has elegant finishes in every little detail, according to the best Made in Italy stylistic tradition.

Versatile in use

Extremely modular

Very comfortable

Excellent quality materials

Elegant and discreet design

Ergonomic and anti-decubitus

Seamless coating that eliminates the onset of sores

Cover for incontinence, even severe (the latter on request)

Comfortable and breathable padding materials

Elastic and non-slip lining material


Elegant design and high-level performance


Extremely modular postural cushions


Indicated for chronic and progressive pathologies


Indicated for various serious and progressive pathologies

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