Fully customizable postural system


Individually custom designed, machined and coated


Customizable, breathable and removable cover

We have the ability to customize various types of posture


Customizable by 3D scanning

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Once the cast of the user’s body (back and / or pelvis, arms, head or whole in the case of the litter) has been detected, this is reproduced in negative and adapted directly to the wheelchair frame with a customizable lightweight aluminum body. Buddy Brace differs from the competition above all for its meticulous customization.

The Cloud back-pelvis postural system has the precise function of containing, controlling and correcting, where possible, incorrect postural attitudes caused by neuro / motor pathologies that generate deformities in the trunk / pelvis segment. The posture system also represents a valid solution for all those diseases of the central nervous system, such as Infantile Cerebral Palsy (PCI) and Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). The cast is digitally transposed thanks to our BB Scanset scanner, also on the market, after which the design phase and the construction of the aid begins, hand-coated by excellent craftsmen who guarantee perfect ergonomics. The upholstery of all the CLOUD line products is customizable, breathable, removable and comfortable.

The containment body of the posture system can be made in 16 combinable colors.
The padding can be chosen in various densities based on the user’s weight, their pathology and their personal comfort
Parts in different materials, such as memory foam or more or less dense material, may be required to accommodate asymmetries
The body of the posture system is entirely made to measure and can be easily hooked and unhooked in order to close the wheelchair
The BEK backrest has hooks for strapping, with the possibility of adjustments from the outside and a housing for side supports (adjustable in height and depth)
The inclination of the backrest and padding can be varied according to the technical specifications given to the order
The Bek backrest has hooks for strapping, with the possibility of adjustments from the outside, and a housing for
side supports adjustable in height and depth.
The hooking system consisting of 4 fixing clamps, allows the height of the backrest to be adjusted
The aluminum body and the breathable coating ensure correct dispersion of the heat produced by the human body

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Elegant design and high-level performance


Extremely modular postural cushions


Indicated for chronic and progressive pathologies


Indicated for various serious and progressive pathologies

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