Extremely adjustable postural backrest


Freedom of movement with adjustable side supports


Comfortable customizable padding and breathable lining

Four types of lateral supports can be applied to the Bek Shift

based on postural needs we can choose the Standard system or the Rotary system which has more adjustments


which can be fixed through 3 anchors to facilitate movement.


Rigid (Standard)

Combinable with any type of support.

Swing Away (Standard)

Combinable with any type of support.

Extractable (Standard)

Combinable with any type of support.

Rigido (Rotativo)

Abbinabili ad ogni tipologia di supporto.

Swing Away (Rotativo)

Abbinabili ad ogni tipologia di supporto.

Estraibile (Rotativo)

Abbinabili ad ogni tipologia di supporto.


Extremely adjustable planar postural backrest to support the user’s growth and ensure adaptability to any type of chair. The multifunctional Bek-shift backrest, in combination with the chest strap, offers adequate postural stability and the adjustable side supports provide freedom of movement. The structural design and the materials used ensure effective pressure distribution of the body weight and thanks to the breathable lining, patient comfort is always ensured. Bek-shift is a system able to satisfy all the needs of users, technicians and clinicians, also because it is characterized by 4 models of lateral supports (contour, fixed, swing-away and underarms) that have the possibility of lengthening, widening and go up or down to better accommodate the trunk. Complete flexibility in the adjustment of the backrest and a perfect transpiring synergy between the aluminum body, upholstery and padding are guaranteed. The Bek line of backrests has been designed to allow the correct support of the spine in the lumbar area and to ensure an appropriate thermo-hygrometric balance.

Equipped with holes on which to mount the various Buddy Brace headrests
Available in different widths (from M1 to M6) and in three different heights (P1 – P2- P3 as specified in the brochure)
Perfectly adaptable to any user need
Innovative hooking system consisting of four fixing clamps
Flexible adjustment of the backrest in terms of height, depth and inclination
The aluminum body has a concave shape and holes, so as to guarantee, thanks also to the padding and upholstery
breathable, proper dispersion of moisture and heat produced by the human body Elegant and discreet design
The Bek backrest has hooks for strapping, with the possibility of adjustments from the outside, and a housing for
side supports adjustable in height and depth.
Seamless coating that eliminates the onset of sores


Elegant design and high-level performance


Extremely modular postural cushions


Indicated for chronic and progressive pathologies


Indicated for various serious and progressive pathologies

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